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A killer is one who can alter their reality and act from it

Idolized, fantasized, realized…created.

A limited boy for unlimited girls

Open your gift

Magazines: Brief Books

I will push my children to strive for something better

Lie for good

As long as you don't have an important job it's ok not to know what the fuck you are doing

Scared to intimidate


We count on each other so much

Put your work in…

Merry Christmas to all the sexy people and even those who don't know just how sexy they are

For some inspiration is the key for a wall with a door

Anybody can be Superman all you need is a cape and a cliff

Sexually foreign, love not war

I think once you start talking shit, you have to do it forever

If it flies, floats, or fucks, rent it. (Conrad Dobler…?)

If a man appreciates women, they all want to be appreciated by him

Those girls love to show those boobs

You could easily be looking the other way and miss love at first sight

Tattoos a callin'

No one gets left behind, no one (I just heard that one)

If you feel like a pervert, you must be a pervert

Intellect without heart should scare you (Gary Shandling)

Most people my age, my color, are struggling (Ice Cube)


At times sexually naked and raw, from first site I am bare. My skin hides emotions that say everything, but are never heard. An erection is an extension of a thought. Can ya feel me?

Rare when you see a black woman with a boob job, others strive for such voluptuousness

When you have thoughts, ideas and feelings and have a place to say them, put them or give them, you do

For those who continue to hold on to the past move aside to make way for the future

The Invaluable Mother

Don't hate what you can't understand

Nominate me for "Idiot of the Year" just don't let me win

I look ahead for tomorrow, with a firm remembrance of yesterday

If you have nothing else you have choices

Born into a life that's already lived in

A day without sex and I instantly jack-off

So sexual I must be sexy

Blah Blah

Our lives, a series of adjustments

To inspire was to be inspired

Truth hurts and we know this

Somebody's bad boy fucking someone's bad girl

Good love comes back again and again

You may fuck her body, but never touch her mind

I've already lived my bad life, now time to live the good

You don't have to think for a woman, she's already thought it

Sex makes sense to me

Internet accurate

Porno delivered by taxi

We're all characters

Drive will get you everywhere

Human same make, but different models

Swift and smart vs. slow and dumb

Some women need to be distracted from their own words and thoughts

Never needed to be a baller only wanted to ball more women

In life it starts with belief

The good girls never want to keep you

Look out for self, family and others, but not necessarily in that order

Women are not concerned with the look, unless you present one

I'm like a termite just stick me in some wood

No friendship is worth the absence of another

For every show there is an audience

…And my life continues

I've been mute

The truth marches on actually it plows through

As varied are our deaths, so are our lives

Why Hate? Why not dislike!

To create your own stress is maddening

Every man and every woman is meant for love

Do not ask, "How can I be a porn star?" Unless you're prepared to give up sex as you know it

Sometimes I want to be a lover and other times I want to be a loner

The difference I make, you make as well

It's okay to make them realize their faults; we've learned ours through theirs (I think I'm talking about children)

Never want to be someone else only be someone

Knowledge needs maintenance

Since my education was not structured, I've created my own education from my experiences. From that creation came philosophy of self and of others, in the end I still learn, knowledge is still obtained

All I ever needed was a lyric, a tempo, a verse, and a word

The strength of being an individual, comes from the strength of family

Choreograph your life

To think again…

To the left thinking…

A man's nightmare, a woman's dream

When you're smart enough to learn more

You watch me and I'll watch you

Forever fighting the common sense

Not because I have no thoughts to write, but because I thought this was better I have included a poem I read in the Daily News, Tuesday, April 2, 2002 located in the Kid's Daily News section, I won't include the name cause I don't want to expose it like that, I'll tell you that's it a 9 year old girl with more knowledge than most adults…


I wish I had
A crown of butterflies,
An ocean of smiles,
A ribbon of fire,
A meadow of quiet,
A tree of hearts,
A sun of dandelions,
A window of wind,
A bouquet of clouds,
And a world of peace

I believe I needed to share it, so I have…enjoy.

When you're smart enough to learn more

As I am responsible for you, you are responsible for me

Something about seeing it, that triggers it

Of course you think about things you've done in the past, because your always trying to figure out which one will come back to haunt you

You watch me, I watch you

It starts with common sense, and then we complicate it

Only a true illusion, please

The type of woman that if you want her, she'll let you…

The best thing about coming home is having a home

Marcus's Store of Whores

In telling you how I see it; it can also be told as how it's seen

Beverly as a brand of beer

A lie just delays the truth

Marriage as a manipulation

In Man is every Man

Some people have been wronged so much that they wrong other people, which ain't right

Ya feel me?

Experience is as good a teacher as experiment

Nothing like a lady and her legs, opened

We are not designed to be jealous, we are not.

With the knowledge obtained, apply and move forward

Don't be a hate-fool

The burden of responsibility offers the blessing of response

Don't ever let one man undo what you have done

You can always live vicariously

My soul that rest at night awake in turmoil still engulfed in dreams that offer peace

Lose the Un-

For everything I ever wanted I always experienced a certain amount of resistance, but if I just held fast I would eventually receive it

In a woman's mouth come many things

The Tattoo of Regret

Instincts of a kisser is to feel beyond the lips

Saved by a female

I would likely need you, before you needed me

Other things exist besides sex, but it is sex that offers the beginning of existence

Have a child? Expand your love

Comedy at the expense of your culture

Why live up to someone else's standards? Why not live up to your own!

Be more than what you are and give more than what you have

If you are addicted to and love the taste of sushi than: 1. You have your favorite sushi bar 2. You're always willing to try a new sushi bar 3. You always know where to get your fix

I must believe you truly deserve it, for me to beat your ass down

Your view is valued

The Sexual Abyss…

Pornography: The Dramatic Arts

Women love those clever muthafuckas!

There's what we say, there's what we do and then there's what we really did

The only miles that don't matter in life are the ones you put on your car

To desire a woman would be to inspire her

Respond to love…

And with life came many doors and windows so you may always know opportunities

Where has my mind wandered?

I have the mind of a writer; I must believe that more than anyone even more than my ability

Words apply to everything

If you know how to love me and you know what I need, then it must be done

Why does being black constantly mean being challenged?

Being a black man, being blessed

The most obvious of ignorance are to be dealt with by knowledge

I believe 'Come out…Come out wherever you are' is meant for your soul, wherever your soul may be

If you don't have stress, it's because you've passed it on to someone else

Out of 100% of women, 98% of them don't have many issues and don't trip off many things, the remaining 2% have a problem with everything and that 2% has one helluva reputation

I believe some women have an appreciation of our moral and unmoral conflicts within us men



Tempted Nature

Cause ya know it will matter, one day

Forever guided by instinct, no matter what anybody says, your ruled by them

Lying fucks up everything



All the effort in the tease, save some for the please

I would be wise to doubt you, until you prove me dumb

A bowl of feelings

The beautifully designed pussy accommodates the architectally challenged dick, perfectly

A woman I know craves everything salty and sour

Wanted: Equality amongst the races

You can determine what kind of person you are by looking at how you apply the past, present, future of yourself.

The true artists of the world are still inspiring long after they are gone

Black music is yo music

The price of emotion

Two in the hand, one in the bush...I just want to see what's in the fuckin' bush

Maybe I think too strongly of my penis, I mean my black cock

I will awake with the right amount of knowledge needed for the day and hope I have some left over for the night

Besides seeing beyond today, I have to act beyond today

You women are forever my weakness and strength

The complex of contradiction

Not a bad word about anyone, a challenge for us all

My freak is on

Our lives are on the same race track in different lanes

Some women I know speak twice about love, that is before wanting it and after having it

A fan, is a fan is a friend

Words I have never used, I can only wonder where and when I will eventually use them

In my happiness you are included

I hate when I realize the wrong

Don't worry it won't hurt forever

You can think it all you want, but if you never say it you will never know

A 'G' never says "it's not good enough" his actions say it for him

Good and Evil do exist cause we are them

Stealing something that will become obsolete therefore rendering it valueless

Cars have a way of transporting us from one emotion to the next

I have all the respect in the world for you, but for us to deal with each other I must pretend I don't

Sometimes I'm a filthy asshole, just wipe

To be keen or not to be keen, that is the question

Kids are the blink before becoming the stare of an adult

Some of the sexiest women I know expose more than just desire

Happy New Year... more life.
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