Part 1
Maybe a girl fucks some guy in a hotel room and after her stellar performance thinks she could be a porno star. She doesn’t let him know that, but deep down inside, she can’t wait for him to leave so she can take pictures of herself and send them off to agent or producer in California. She thinks back at how she rode this guy and made him cum in 5 minutes flat, showing off her oral skills that was the prelude to her sexual prowess and even then she was holding back.

Why keep fuckin’ guys in a $30 dollar a night hotel just cause she can, when she can go big time and be like Sasha Grey or somebody? Why waste her precious youth on dudes who don’t know what’s hip or hot? She could be a star, a real life bona fide porno star…if she just applies what she does in Motel 6 to the big screen. Or in her case, cable television. She’s watched those movies, the ones where you gotta pay $9.99 for a days worth of porn on the hotel TV. Renting those movies is just part of the fun, she can’t watch those at home, her mom will find out. She knows every girl in those movies, she knows them by name and what they’re good at. A girl like her knows what they’re bad at, because she can’t wait to show them, how good she is. I don’t know where these girls come from or what they’ve been through, each one has a different story. That could be the story of someone you’re fantasizing about right now, a sign that she made it to your television. But only if they wanna be bona fide, do they put in the work. She wants to do more than just prove to these other porno chicks she could fuck better than them. Yeah she can get a man off quicker than he can yell “Stop!!!” yep, she got all that. But this one girl she could be different, she has plans to travel, wrap men around her finger and stack Benjamin’s to the ceiling. She aint gonna do that fuckin’ in Motel 6 for free. She got to get out in the world and make shit happen. But at the moment she has to figure out how to get the monitoring bracelet off her ankle, first.

Part 2
She lays back in her bed as her sexual acquaintance makes an excuse to leave as he heads for the door. He has to get back to his wife, who thinks he’s at a business meeting with a bunch of important people. Sometimes it’s true, sometimes it’s not…at the moment it’s the best lie he got. She can give a fuck though, he’s a weak excuse for a man, run home to wifey, lame muthafucka. She doesn’t even get up to say goodbye, she’s to busy studying the television changing the channel looking for something specific. He says something she can’t understand no response from her, he steps through the door into the cold air. At least he got his nut off, usually he doesn’t at least with his wife he doesn’t. The girl in the room always gets hers and the men know to follow suit. He followed hers with his and it was time to go, wife is waiting on him, no time to ponder the chill in the room, it’s colder in the world. She pushes the button on the remote and pulls up the Menu screen on the TV in the room. Scrolling down the menu screen she stops at Adult Theme and clicks, bringing up a larger menu of movies and packages she can purchase for her viewing pleasure. The title Big Tits on Round Chicks makes her smile, it’s a personal favorite of hers and she thinks about the first time she saw it.

There were other people in the room at the time and she was at a fancier hotel, with room service, a liquor cabinet and a bunch of other shit that comes with at a high price. It wasn’t her room it belonged to one of the boys in the room, there were 5 of them and she was the only girl. One of the guys had invited a few more girls, but she was the only girl who showed up. The time was 6 months earlier in the month of June, right when summer starts to kick in and everyone is just beginning to get out of school. Hotel parties were cool, because you didn’t have to ask for permission, you didn’t have to clean up afterwards and everybody could find the hotel and room. She can hold her own so it didn’t faze her when they offered her a beer and started cracking jokes about her being the only girl at the party, she took it in stride, something she learned from her mother years ago. Act tough, stay tough and you’ll be tough, basically she could always kick and punch if things got out of hand. Being the only girl in a room full of boys is like watching a deer stroll into the clearing with a bunch of hunters, they all got an aim on the animal, but only one is actually gonna get the kill. 2 of the boys showed an interest the other 2 were busy in conversation talking about Sports Center and the days Top 10 plays of the day…or week depending on what day of the week it was. You could get plays from the day before from a certain sport or it could be various sports that played earlier in the week, she remembered one time she even saw a Rubik’s cube competition place #4 on the highlights. She loved sports and could easily join in their conversation, but somehow her attention was on the 5th guy of the group as he started to play with the television channels and increase the sound coming from the set. He stopped on Playboy TV just as 2 girls started moaning, groaning and grinding on one another. The sound blared through the room. Porn had popped up on the TV and every male in the room got quiet. She turned her head to see that everyone was looking at her.

Part 3
The mood went from social too suspicious as every male in the room, just for a moment, thinks of the possibilities. She felt the energy shift it was her job to know what men were thinking, to anticipate what they would do, before they did it. Her sixth sense kicked in and she started laughing out loud to the thought of what they must be thinking. Those that sensed how awkward this must be making her feel, decided to laugh along with her, not knowing what they were laughing about and those guys who were focused on the TV just sat there in silence. The sounds coming from the TV mixed with the silence, the uncomfortable laughter and the groans and moans of sex. Porn the business of sex had once again been put on display. Creating a strange mix of party, pleasure and perplexity. She glanced back at the TV set and instantly recognized the people on the screen, she smiled on the inside, because it was one of her favorite performers. Someone must of noticed she was enjoying what she was watching and could tell she seemed comfortable sitting in a room full of guys watching porn.

“You like watching this stuff?” asked a young dude by the name of Jimmy. She wasn’t gonna lie, she had watched this “stuff” since she first discovered this “stuff” in her mama’s nightstand. “Yeah I do, but I don’t call it stuff, I call it porn”. Jimmy thought for a minute on how to respond, he didn’t want anything from her, he was just amazed that she was so straightforward. “Yeah porn, whatever, you like watching it huh, that’s cool, I do too”. The two of them, made an unlikely pairing. Her in vintage dark blue skinny jeans and neon blue Vans topped off with a T-Shirt that had a Smiley face on the front with a bullet hole through it’s head, blood squirted all over it’s yellow space. And Jimmy still holding on to the Jordan era, wearing a pair of Air Jordan’s circa 1995, that clashed with a pair of green Bugle Boy shorts, he wore a black fitted t-shirt with ‘Can’t touch this’ typed across the front. He was a hip-hop head, nothing wrong with that, she loved hip-hop and Jimmy did his best to represent it.

The kid who flipped to the porn channel in the first place, thinking he would get a few laughs, didn’t expect his best friend to make the first move on the only girl in the room, but there he was sitting side by side with the cute chick in the Smiley face shirt while in the background on the TV screen two girls were doing it doggy style on the hood of Mustang convertible while another girl just watched and played with herself. He started to regret his decision to introduce porn to the room, but said fuck it, because no one really seemed to mind, especially the girl. Time for a cold beer and maybe a phone call to female friend of his own if Jimmy might get lucky, shit I might as well get luck too. He reached for his phone as he headed to the ice cooler for another beer. Jimmy stopped his conversation looked up and saw Raymond heading to the cooler “Hey Ray, get me one too” he looked at the porno chick and asked her if she wanted one too, she shook her head. “Don’t drink”. He had a look of disappointment but quickly tried to mask it with a smile, but the result was a smirk. The girls on screen proceeded to slap one another across the ass, smiling with each crack of the muscles hard slaps could be heard across the room prompting some of the guys to move closer to the television. This was getting good. She snapped out of it, her hands had found their way to her pussy and she couldn’t stop its slow movement across her pussy lips. She was moist, sweaty moist and her fingers were becoming sticky. Even though that thought was months and months back, the memory was as fresh as yesterday. She sat on the bed alone, remembering that night and the events that came afterwards. She tugged at her ankle bracelet. It wasn’t coming off, at least not right now, not tonight. She missed Jimmy, he had become a good ‘fuck-around’ that’s what they called it, because after that night that’s all they did was fuck around. His dick used to fill her up, her pussy could only take so much, but he had a technique that made him seem bigger than he really was. He’d lay her on her stomach and completely cover her from up top, he’d slide his dick in between her thighs till he reached her vagina lips and slowly spread the outer walls with a slow and shallow stroke. She instantly wanted him further, but she knew to be patient, he knew what he was doing and she was in good hands. Dam, her pussy was gushing at the thought of it. Why the fuck did she cuss him out and send him on his way. Memories were getting her through the day, but that’s it, she had a week to go before her and Jimmy would make their way to California. They had answered an ad on the Internet, but first they had a few problems that needed to be taken care of before they went anywhere. She stuck a finger deep inside her pussy. She could cum if she wanted, she had that control, thinking back to how Jimmy used to have her lay there with her ass in the air and how she would let him have his way with her, made her squirm to get her finger up in there, further. The dank from the pussy juice spread to the sheets, she thought about the hotel maids, having to wash the sheets, but then her thoughts turned to the number of women laying alone in a cheap hotel room doing the same thing. Couldn’t be a high number, women could get dick anytime they wanted. Or could they? She didn’t have time to answer or ponder that question, she gushed slowly from between her thighs, as she clenched her legs together. She could still hear the slaps across the asses of the women who were fucking on that Mustang, she could see it to and if she really let her mind go, she could taste it. That taste of pussy is unforgettable, because there is nothing else like it in the world. Her fingers quickly found themselves inside her mouth. She ran her tongue across and between her middle and index fingers. The tang of an acid mixed with the sweetness of vanilla ran through her nose and down her throat, her mouth searched for more, she found what connected her to those women on the Mustang, it was on her fingers, between her thighs, on her sheets and in her mind. And she would follow wherever that feeling took her, it was her right as a woman.
Artist: NationSaidIt
Label: Family Ties Entertainment
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