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Invest in yourself

Engaged forever to sex

Fuck them muthafucka’s who try to keep you down, they have no vision…none.

Must have vision

RAP: Rhythm and Purpose

2 souls 1 love

Any anger that breaks, is the love that will bind

The anger that breaks or the love that binds?

These girls are everywhere…looking everywhere

Acknowledge what’s in front of your eyes, but do not judge. Do not judge. Judgment is not yours. Instead acknowledge the beauty of vision.

Juicy /adj/. 1. Full of juice, succulent. 2. interesting; racy; scandalous. 3. profitable

Much more sexual than sane

The ones you love and the ones you need to love are all you’ll ever meet

Yeeeaaaahhh Man

Sex is for the living

You have to lie to be honest

Clit Poppin’

Every girl wants to fuck don’t you think so?

Grow or Die

Fuck or be fucked

There is no retirement from sex

Rhythm Interrupted

Beaten into a bloody pulp, the worst of all defeats

A champion is a winner because he is driven and every winner after him is driven because of him (her)

Imagine a dealer who hooked up all his clients to his supplier and told his supplier he wanted a percentage, in fact demanded it (that’s gangsta business)

A sea of calm is where the storm brews

Where was my heart?

1 Down (Fo’life)

Onion Booty

Memory Musically Researched (MMR)

Website Update: A rebuilding of a home

Dee of my Obsession

Fuck or be Fucked

And we are all infected

What you don’t discover other’s will

We need You

Knowledge is using the mirrors to look back without turning your head

I am whoever I am

Soul Exchange

Consider it done

No one ever said keeping a promise was easy

Make another mental note of it as you remember it

Golf; the long and the short of it



You have to think beyond what you thought

Ever have a day when you overcome a personal challenge and all who know it are you and God?

We are only as "smart" as the information we have obtained at that time

No stall in your life

Just because you know something doesn't mean you know everything

Work from a desire to know…more…ya know

One letter begets another

Ignorance: Misconception from misinformation

A Bad boy's perfect accessory is a Good girl

Sensitive to what you need and gangsta to what you want

Once you start helping one, you gotta help them all
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