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- Lee wrote:
Mr. Marcus
I am a gay black male and I have rented and purchased your work for years. What are your thoughts about the gay men who are a large part of your fan base? Do you think you will ever close out your career with a "gay for pay" video? Keep up the good work sir.
Lee in L.A.

I realize I have fans across the board and I've met all kinds of people, they've all been cool so I don't trip on someone's sexual orientation that's your preference. My preference is and always has/will be women.
And no I'm not going to do some gay for pay shit. To be honest, if I built a business and spent more time with my family...isn't that a good way to close out my career? Appreciate your support.
- Mr. Marcus
- Maggie wrote:
I've read through the site! I've tried everything. I'm at a loss. I've even offered to bring another girl home. I would love a copy of the book! I hate that my sex life has dwindled away into me and a porno. I know that infidelity is not a good choice but its been on my mind. I've even thought about trying to find my way into the industry to satiate my appetite.

Have you tried being with other women? Me personally I don't see that as a bad thing or as infidelity, but I'm biased. It's difficult to know what the problem is without talking to him directly and asking honest questions about what it is he wants sexually from you. Until you know what it is he truly wants, it may continue to be frustrating.
- Mr. Marcus
- Maggie wrote:
My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years now. When we first met the sex was amazing but now its not something he wants. I am a very sexual person and I feel very stifled. I want to explore and experience all there is with each other but he wont. I've made myself available to whatever he wants. However he wants it. Toys,porn, props or costumes. I'm willing to do what I need to make him happy. I've tried just talking about it. I've tried doing nothing at all. He doesn't seem to take me serious when I want to talk about our problem. I just want crazy amazing sex with the man I love. I want to be able to explore his body and please him. I would of course like the same in return. Can you help me? I don't know what to do anymore. I have run out of ideas.

Wow, he should be reading this email not me. Either read through the other questions here on the site and if you don't find the answers your looking for, then email me again and I'll send you a copy of my book The Porn Star Guide to Great Sex with a few extra pointers specifically for you and your bf, because I believe it's important that he know how much you love him and want to have that sexual connection. Sex in the right capacity can strengthen and create a stronger bond between you and him. You should also consider the fact that if you two are not sexually compatible anymore, there are things you can do it doesn't have to be dead end situation.
- Mr. Marcus
- Raymond wrote:
Mr.Marcus my name is Raymond. I know you probably get a lot of sex questions because you're the king but my question is about business. I think it's a good venture to start a brand of your own using your own legacy. I'm thinking of beginning my own company as well so I just want to know what made you want to start up daddy inc., what gave you the passion and ideas and what future projects you have for daddy inc? Also, where can I go to get shirts made like how you got your daddy inc shirts and hats? Thank you for taking your time out to answer me. Please continue your work.

Thanks for asking...I always come up with new ideas, it's a daily thing, the problem is trying to execute those ideas, you need a team of people who can help you get things done (shout out to my dude Jay) If your passion is legit, then a way will follow and with Daddy, Inc., everything came quick, before I knew it I had a logo, website, mission statement, clothes and orders. I was shipping things out and getting good feedback, so I guess that's what keeps it going, people wanting it and like it.
The idea for Daddy, Inc. came through wanting to build a brand that can support many ideas and I think being Daddy is the best way to get these ideas across, so look for this year to be a major brand building experience, as we develop and grow new ideas and incorporate them into the Daddy, Inc., brand.
If your thinking of starting your own company, then do your homework and research the field or industry your going in, it's important to be innovating, while embracing mistakes and learning from them, so ask questions look at other people in that field and see what didn't work for them, but more importantly what works and build from there. And make sure you have a team, people you can rely on and treat them fair, go to trade shows, ask for support from friends and family and use other people's money to get your idea off the ground. It's cool to start a business, but don't go broke doing it. Be smart and look for investors who are willing to share the risk and venture with you. You'll have to share revenue and profits you make, but it's worth it if your business allows you freedom and happiness. Good luck Raymond, I wish you the best.
- Mr. Marcus
- brittany wrote:
hey what ever happened to that girl alexis dyme?

Don't know, I think she's still around...I'll ask around. Or you can try going to and asking about her there, the most informed porn fans in the world are on that site.
- Mr. Marcus
- I Wonder wrote:
What's good Mr. Marcus? This Ian (iWONDER) writing you again. Lately I've let alot of my friends used my email to ask you questions and I thank you for letting us, your fans, reach out to you. But onto the question...You're an icon, a legend in the porn industry with a few others (Julian st jox, cuba demoan, mark anthony, lex steele). You always show love to everyone, never see you dismiss anyone's talent. So I ask you, what do you think of the new guys coming into the porn industry? Whether they have just appeared or not, I mean the guys that's younger and|or in their prime at the moment. Justin slayer, nat turnher, brian pumper, rico strong..guys like that just to name a few. What do you think of them as actors? Good, bad? Need more work? Or do you not watch their scenes or anyone else besides your own?

Great question. I don't watch anybody's scene's, I hear about their performances from other directors or performers, probably the same way they hear about my scenes from other people. I don't even watch my own stuff sometimes to be honest. But knowing them on and off the sets is how I get to know them and all the cats you mentioned are very cool people. Got no problems with them, probably because I've been around a long time and I've had my share of bad blood with people so I guess after a little time and maturity I've come to the conclusion that it's all good no need to hate, I just focus on doing my thang.
New performers are good for the industry and for the fans, to be honest they create new fans and some of those new fans can connect with actors they are not so familiar with, because someone new brings that to the industry, so I appreciate new talent coming and bringing new energy to this industry it's a good thang. And plus there is a new breed of performer/businessman, like Justin Slayer (JSI International), Brian Pumper (BPumper Productions) and Prince Yahshua (Silver Back Entertainment) even Lexington Steele (Mercenary Pictures) and I like to think, I started that. Daddy, Inc.
- Mr. Marcus
- Angelina wrote:
Hi Marcus,
First of all i love what you do and i think you the best in what you do my english is not very good ... but i plan to move to USA in march 2011 My name is Angelina i'm originally from Spain but i was born and grew up in France Im transsexual adult actress and i was wondering if you ever shoot with shemales ? hope to hear from you....

- Mr. Marcus
- Jade wrote:
Mr. Marcus,
Thank You for your advice! The deed has been done! There was a lot of pain. Not a ton,but it as still painful, at least the first time. There was a little blood and not a TON of foreplay. After the first time it hurt only a very small amount for the first 5 seconds however all of the sensation wasn't there yet. I felt more pleasure than the first time,but not a lot. Have you heard of this? I didn't get off but somehow I still enjoy sex.
~ Jade~

It can get better with practice and time, find out what you truly respond to and take note on what you like and don't like. Plus take the time to become aroused mentally and physically, your body will be more responsive and you could find yourself having an orgasm.
- Mr. Marcus
- Mz. Sunshine wrote:
Mr. Marcus, I would like to satisfy my husband with oral sex, however I am not sure if I am doing a good job. Can you give me some suggestions on how to drive him crazy?
Thank You
Mz. Sunshine

To be honest the best way to find out is to just ask him. Ask him how he likes it and if you should do anything differently. If your looking to surprise him, then try this technique use your hands as well as your mouth and create a sensation similar to sex, keep a firm but relaxed grip and the saliva from your mouth to create a lubricate that allows your hands to slide easily along the shaft. Up to you if you wanna have eye contact, but whatever you choose, as long as your into it, he'll be as well.
- Mr. Marcus
- Samantha wrote:
Hey Marcus,
I am a 23yr old and I lost my virginity to my boyfriend a couple months ago. He's a guy who has been around quite a bit and he's got some skills. You actually remind me of him in some ways which is an added bonus because I think you're such a sexy man. Thing is, I have performed oral sex on him and I left him out of breath ;) But he has never gone down on me because I don't let him. I think it's more of a self conscious thing. I would love to know what it feels like and I'm sure he'll be amazing at it but how would you go about doing it if a chic is pretty self conscious?

If your feeling self-conscious try taking a shower or bath before sex. It refreshes you and and relaxes you, feelings that come in handy in the bedroom. Sometimes if I'm feeling really horny, I'll hop in the shower and come out even hornier...makes for a good night of sex. Second let him decide how he wants you, some men actually like their women a little sweaty and he might like going down on you like that, so give him a choice.
- Mr. Marcus
- Kishairi wrote:
First, there is someone on FB who has been portraying himself as you. Might be you, but he is looking for new actresses in the porn industry, for a new movie supposedly in California...all his pages and info links to your website...which makes it halfway believable. He even promotes your book. Is it really you we've been all talking too??? He Instant messages us and everything. He seems cool and down to earth IF its you. We even added him to our secret sex group. oral game is untouchable. But what is the BEST technique to really set a man in instant bust mode????
Thank You, Kishairi....

Send me a link to his page and I'll follow up on it. I know it's not me because I never use instant message. lol. Sorry. I think the technique that works best to get that "instant bust mode" is to use your hands with your mouth and create a sensation similar to actual sex...that should do the job.
- Mr. Marcus
- Jade wrote:
Dr. Mr Marcus,
I am 21years old and a virgin. (I wrote to you a few months ago)My boyfriend is not a virgin nor has he ever been with one.We are very much in love and are ready to take the next step. We have condoms,Hes been tested and I'm on the pill.We have a hotel room and 3 days to waste. Do you have any advice?

Foreplay foreplay and more foreplay and then do the do! So that your body is relaxed and comfortable take the time to become aroused and ready. Intercourse should be easier and satisfying for you if he takes his time. Having 3 days to waste should give you time to get a few things wrong and lot more right. Good luck and if you need me...I'm here for you. :)
- Mr. Marcus
- mike wrote:
My wife absolutely loves your replica, what are the chances she could ever get the real thing?

I could call her and talk dirty with her over the phone while she uses it if ya want...that's about as real as I can make it. Does she have the vibrator or the dildo?
- Mr. Marcus
- Marcus wrote:
Hey Mr Marcus. My name is marcus and I'm from trinidad. I've admired your work for a long time however I would like to know what does it take for a person from a third world country as myself, to get into the porn industry. Thanks for your attention.

Depends on what the women look like in Trinidad...and I believe they are beautiful. So if I was you I would share that with the rest of the world. Getting into the porn industry doesn't have to be just in front of the camera, you could be just as successful behind the scenes. Think in terms of production and distribution and work from there, you could open doors for others, even in a third world country.
- Mr. Marcus
- Amanda wrote:
See, put to good use. Thanks for sending it. Was super sweet of you. How are you doing? Things ok your way?

Thank you for wearing it, I now know I need to send out brand new hats, so you don't have to deal with the after effects of me wearing it. But on another note, you do look sexy wearing it. Definitely.
- Mr. Marcus
- Edward wrote:
Is there really a way to increase penis size by using pills or penis pumps, if so, then what is the correct one and also is there a such thing as a late bloomer?

I think penis pumps only add from a 1/2 inch to an inch.I recommend the Mr.Marcus Daddy Pump available through Doc Johnson. Your penis size is not determined by age, but more by hereditary and genetics. By age 14 you should have some idea of what you have to work with concerning penis size.
- Mr. Marcus
- Anne wrote:
Mr. Marcus-
Please excuse this unsolicited e-mail.
I am an Investigative Journalist currently working on an article involving women who pay men for sex. I have been investigating Female Sex Tourism in the Caribbean and Southeast Asian and the Dinner Clubs in North American and Europe. An area I want to explore is women who pay heterosexual male porn stars for sex. I would appreciate it you could give me your insights in this area.

Hmmm, interesting subject and topic, my only experience with this happened years ago...I had a woman offer me 10k through an email to fly to the Texas area and have sex with her...or in her words keep her company. I'm a skeptic so I turned the offer down and haven't been offered anything since.
- Mr. Marcus
- danetta wrote:
Hello Mr. Marcus first I would like to say I've been a fan of yours for years and I do Love u! I have been with my husband for 12yrs total and after saying that he still doesnt know how to touch me. Im not afraid to show or tell him what I like and how I like it but it just seems like he doesnt get it and is embarrased when I try to talk to him about sex.... I dont know what to do and am having thoughts. Please help!

What was it like when you first were with each other? Did he fall off somewhere down the road? Or has he always been that way? If at one point he used to do what you like, then you have to remind him of how to keep doing it. Communication is always key, even in a joking kind of way, express to him how and what you need and once you do that, work with him to try and find a solution you both agree too. He might have a few things he needs to say to you as well, so you might open the door to whole new chapter in expressing yourself sexually if you just communicate what it is you want, but allow him to do the same.
Sex is mental as well as physical, so if there is a mental block up there, it's not going to happen, especially the way you want. So maybe it will do you both some good to tell each other what it is you want from each other sexually and ask yourself if it's possible and doable for the both of you it should be, because sex is a vast playground so don't get stuck in one corner of the sandbox. Good luck.
P.S. if need be show him this email and if he has any questions have him contact me as well
- Mr. Marcus
- marc8720 wrote:
Do you have any new movies coming out? Are u still performing in ur movies?

I've shot a movie for Vivid called Sex Drive, it's an all-black feature, should be out the beginning of 2011 and I've just finish playing Apollo Creed in a porn parody of Rocky. Plus I'll be re-releasing on DVD, currently it's only available VHS and yeah I like performing, but I like producing and directing just as much.
- Mr. Marcus
- Amanda wrote:
Mr. Marcus Ive been a fan since the first time I saw your work. You are amazing to watch and you helped me unleash a side of me that I had been embarrassed about. Im a squirter. Super soaker, drench you head to toe. But, now I know thats a Good thing!!!
This is my question.... I love the hat you wear. Its my fetish.(along with stillettos.) What do I have to do for you to send me one of your personal hats signed by you? Im having bone cancer removed from both legs and feet thursday.(cast, pins,rods on both feet + wheelchair x6 weeks) BOO!!!
It would be much more enjoyable coming home if I were to have your hat on! ;) Id have a grin from ear to ear, despite the pain doc is about to inflict!! So what do you say? What do I have to do for you to send me one of your personal hats signed by you?

Send me your address and I'll send you my hat. It might be a little sweaty, but at least you know I was putting it to good use when I was wearing it.
- Mr. Marcus
- Ms Dina wrote:
What is the best way to suggest/introduce new techniques in the bedroom?
Ms Dina a porn movie together. There will always be something in porn you haven't done before and it might inspire you to try it in the bedroom.
- Mr. Marcus
- msjones wrote:
I've seen a lot of porn, and in some I see women squirting a clear liquid from their vagina when they supposedly cum. My question is -is that really 'nut' ? Because it looks like urine to me, and I'm certainly tired of the men at work saying they wish they could find a 'squirter' . Please help!!!!!

To be honest after all this time, I do not know. I think it's piss...or water maybe even a combination of both. I've seen some women drink a few bottles of water, just to have them "squirt" it everywhere. It is possible though, for a woman to cum really hard and create the "squirt" effect. I know when I cum really hard, my cum squirts all over, so if I can do it, I know women can too.
- Mr. Marcus
- lucky wrote:
Its an honour to be able to send this email! Thanks for the opportunity. How do I impress my girlfriend and not be the "1 minute man" that I am becoming, I work out and am very healthy, but can't give my woman pleasure for more than 5 minutes! Please save my relationship I love her so much! Thanks!

You gonna have to go more than 5 minutes to impress your girlfriend, believe that. I suggest not putting all your energy into 'intercourse', save it for last...spend more time on foreplay, especially pleasing and arousing her. And then once intercourse begins, don't focus on time...let time take care of itself. Focus on continuing the foreplay into a sexual experience that BOTH of you get enjoyment out of. After awhile, you'll go beyond your goal of 5 minutes, time will fly and she'll be satisfied.
- Mr. Marcus
- Waiting to Exhale wrote:
Ok so here it is. I'm 30. I'm single. I broke up with my son's father a year ago and I've only had two partners since then. I haven't had various partners since my teen years; now I may have one or two partners at a time. I've tried EVERY position known to man and still no orgasm! Sometimes I feel like I get close, but it's nothing compared to when I masturbate. When I masturbate, I can cum multiple times within a few minutes. When I masturbate, I think about someone I want to have sex with, I watch your movies, or sometimes I just do it when I feel stressed or bored. Any advice you can give I'll try. I'm 30, my sex drive is higher then ever and I still can't cum!

If you have a certain fantasy or thought that makes you cum, then use that thought during sex. It's not cheating and no need to feel guilty, he can't read your mind.
- Mr. Marcus
- Waiting to Exhale wrote:
I'm a 30 year old female with an EXTREMELY high sex drive. The problem is, I've never had an orgasm during intercourse. I have them all the time when I masturbate. Is something wrong with me?
Please Help,
Waiting to Exhale

Nope your fine. It's still possible to have an orgasm, even later in life. Patience, practice and persistence. And of course the perfect partner. I need to know a little more to help...married, single? Various partners, single partner? What makes you cum when your masturbating? What are you thinking about? Let me know, I can help.
- Mr. Marcus
- youngmarv wrote:
alright thanks man, and 1 more question.. you got any tips for longer stamina?

Don't think sex is all about penetration, mix it up with a few things, if I feel I'm gonna cum to soon, I eat the pussy...until my urge to cum subsides and then I slide back in the pussy, ready to go a little longer. Another tip, have her get on top and grip her thighs to control the tempo, find a rhythm and let her do all the work, she'll keep going and going and it'll look like you have major stamina.
- Mr. Marcus
- Amelia wrote:
Ight, it went like this.... Me n this guy known each other a lil over a month now. I had open crib on Sunday night and I invited him over. Long story short, we ended up fucking. I'm talking bout the rooooughest sex I've ever had. He made me cum so many times. While we was fucking, nigga didn't even bust a nut Mr. Marcus. (blank stare) My throat is still soar from deep throating him. I tried everything to help him bust a good nut. I was second guessing myself at one point. I was like "is it me or something wrong w this nigga?" At the end, 2hrs later I'm half asleep sucking his dick and nigga nuts in my mouth! (slurps) FINALLY! Lol. Why did it take so long? What do you recommend I/ he do next time? Even the nastiest shit I came up with didn't even help. Lol. I've seen some of your videos and performed what I'd seen... Nothing! Lol. While we was fuckin' I literally said in my head "I can't wait to ask Mr. Marcus!"

LOL. That's funny. The only thing I can think of is maybe you put to much pressure on him to cum (and he put to much pressure on himself as well) therefore making it almost impossible for him to cum. PRESSURE, is a muthafucka especially in sex. Better to be relaxed. That's why it was probably easier for him to cum, once there was no pressure, your half asleep, he's gettin' a real chill blowjob and BAM!!! All in your mouth. Take it easy on him next time around and if you know it's gonna take awhile...pace yourself knowingly. Most girls would be happy to be in your situation.
- Mr. Marcus
- chasinojai wrote:
Is it true that you are bi*sexual??? Just curious , I am a big fan/supporter of your work & think with a little DL bi*sexuality would make you the perfect Mr.Marcus

Not true. But I am a lesbian.
- Mr. Marcus
- sneakerazzi wrote:
Yo Mr. Marcus!!! I been a fan of ur work since the HIGH-TOP S-Curl FADE DAYS!!! *PAUSE* cuz u get A-1 females in ur movies but I got a HUGE question..."Is there a secret or something male pornstars use to go so long without busting?" I mean I know they cut and edit flicks but some scenes you can't find the edit! Yo if its something special or a technique LET ME KNOW and I'm not telling nobody A DAMN THING LOL. Thanks in advance

I think once your comfortable in a scene, lasting comes naturally. Because your at ease and performing is enjoyable so going the distance is a little easier. Once your relaxed and take in a situation it's easier to overcome and achieve a desirable that there is no edits.
- Mr. Marcus
- thriftcarl wrote:
Marcus No Homo but I been watching your pornos since I was like 15 yrs old.....Aint you in like the Porn of Fame? Anyway what's poppin with the book? Where do I get it from?

Yep, I'm a hall of famer...and I'm getting inducted into the Legends of Erotica in January. You can order the book right here on my website
- Mr. Marcus
- ArmyBrat wrote:
Mr. Marcus:
Hey there! Im not sure if you still used the site I came across, But I noticed you had a section for Q&A and thought I would drop you a question. Now I'm not gonna bore you to death with some long drawn out sob story so I'll try to keep this short and sweet. Question: Is passion something a man can learn? or is it something they are born with? My issue is with my husband, dont get me wrong I love him and we have a beautiful daughter but I almost feel like my passion is to much for him. I love to be whooed and pampered you know, rub my feet and caress my body but I dont think he knows what I'm talking about. I've even told him how and when to do these things and It's almost as if it goes unheard. I guess I'm alittle lost and not sure how to approach this situation. If this isnt your email I apologize in advance.

Passion is important, in any relationship there's not enough of it. I would guess, that in the beginning of your relationship there was nothing but passion and now...not so much. It happens, we men kinda fall off, we forget to do the things that got your attention in the first place, somewhere down the road we stop being passionate about the ones we care about. Doesn't mean it doesn't exist we just have to be reminded how significant it is and do something about it. Most men are competitive and need to challenged in the department of romance. Take the lead, show how passionate you are as an example, if he's someone who loves you like he does, he'll be inspired to do the same. Telling him and showing him are two different things, do the things you want him to do to you, be creative and be patient, yep it is like teaching an old dog new tricks. Try going to a public place where couples will be.
- Mr. Marcus
- Ms. Dina wrote:
How would I become the next superhead?

The technique I've seen come close to a Superhead quality blowjob, involves saliva and a hand job. Depends on how you like giving head now, if you have no gag factor and can deep throat easily, then that should be enough, for even the average size man. If you choke or struggle while giving head, then don't put it all the way in your mouth, use your hands and create a sensation while using your mouth and a lot of saliva. Once you've gotten those three things down, play it like a clarinet, hands up and down the instrument and blow.
- Mr. Marcus
- Lorenzo wrote:
How do I make her a superhead?

Superhead did what I like to call "the clarinet" technique. She used her hands the entire time and she made sure to use saliva.She kept her hands moving up and down the shaft and blew on it like it was an instrument.
- Mr. Marcus
- Marv wrote:
My shorty suck a mean dick, but I want her to be like superhead when she do it? Got any tips
God grant me the serenity to accept all the things I cannot change

Sounds like your all good then. Superhead used "the clarinet" technique. She kept her hands on the dick and played it like an instrument. Tell your girl to use it like an instrument and blow.
- Mr. Marcus
- Sharee wrote:
Hey you.. I'm not tryna be the next super head but I wanna know how to get the job done fast!! Help me with that ancient Chinese secret.. Lol

To make your man cum faster, use your hands in conjunction with your mouth. Keep the hands moving up and down the shaft of the dick and use your mouth as a suction for the saliva you'll produce by giving head. If you don't produce any saliva, then use a water based lube and give a combination hand job and blow job.
- Mr. Marcus
- Nancy wrote:
How can my man last longer without cummin b4 me??

Don't let him get comfortable during sex, change up the positions and if at any time you think he's gonna cum before you, then stop! To prolong the experience, he'll have to ease the sensation and the urge to cum and that is achievable by slowing or stopping the act of sex. Simple as that. Once you've stopped the act, change positions, distract the urge by doing something to him sexually, but cease intercourse until his urge to cum is gone and you can back into control. What your accomplishing by doing teaching him self-control. He'll want the act to continue, but you'll only allow that to happen if he is able to show self-restraint and self-control.
- Mr. Marcus
- Lady T wrote:
so you say you have the secret of a man having strong, long lasting erctions-well what is it? I'd also like to ask what has been your secret to a bigger, thicker penis? See once I became a fan I ordered any movie with your name attached to a scene including those shot in motel rooms, crap music in the background, and a hatless-s curl sporting Mr. Marcus. The dick wasn't the same back then. I'm not saying it was little I'm just saying it wasn't the size it is now. Call me crazy or ignore the question altogether but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.thanx in advance and please ignore any typos I'm on my phone

I'm kinda lost, not sure what your trying to say. Something about s-curl and crap music, those were the days, dam I miss my hair. Don't know how to make a bigger thicker penis, I think those things we're either born with or not. Only other option I can think of is undergoing an operation, which is some shit, I'll never do, because I'm content with what I have. Other than that, there is no secret, it's all in how you use what you got.
- Mr. Marcus
- Propa Fix wrote:
Mr. Marcus, I am an AVID fan of yours and I am responding to your twitter request. I WANT him to FUCK me and make me cum---> HARD!
What should I do? Help por favor.

I was sending out a technique most men can use, but your looking for intense sex, most girls just want it to last longer. You want to get fucked harder. Start by choosing the right position...doggy style is a solid way to begin, because it puts him in position to control the strokes and go hard, if you want him to. Plus you can fuck him back, slamming it harder against your pussy and clit. And in that position he can slap your ass, HARD, increasing the intensity.
An advantage to getting fucked hard, you don't have to worry about an erection, cause the only thing your focused on is getting fucked, right. He has to practice self-control and hope he has stamina, to go the distance, takes practice and creativity. Stay in tuned and encourage him to go sexually further. But make sure your right there staying with it. And don't put all the responsibility on him, good sex takes team work, sex is not all about getting fucked hard. Good sex is a variety of strokes, speed and senses.
- Mr. Marcus
- lovelysherrie wrote:
My man really cums to fast during head how can I make love to his dick with my mouth without him exploding immediately?

I know you must already take it as a compliment that he cums to soon. But to prolong the experience, don't focus on the dick, focus on the balls. Use your hands and have your mouth focus on other parts of his body. That way his urge to cum won't be so quick to happen. Cause you've already mastered the act of giving head, you can save that as a finale.
- Mr. Marcus
- Amanda wrote:
Hi Mr. Marcus!!!!
I was wondering if there is a replica dildo of your cock?? I'd love to feel that black cock inside me!!
~~Kisses On Your Faces~~

Glad you ask, yes I do have a replica, I also have a vibrator available at and or you can get it direct from me at plus I have plenty of other toys available for you and your sexual partner.
- Mr. Marcus
- Joe wrote:
Good day sir. I was just wandering, in your business it seems like the fantasy of having a well hung dude is out of hand. There's pills for this situation everywhere. It seems like the average guy has no chance. like what were women doing when there were average porn stars back in the day. Times have change but coochies are the same size. What's up with that?

Don't let porn fool you. And don't get stuck on the larger sized dicks out there, in porn it takes all shapes and sizes to please a woman, not just the big ones. There is a variety of movies made that cater more to what your comfortable with, just research and find what you want on the internet. The average guy has a better chance than most, don't fool yourself. Use what you got, it's enough to make a woman happy. Believe that.
- Mr. Marcus
- KiKi wrote:
I just want to say I respect & adore u very much! Hell so much I think that's why I married a Marcus lol! But anyways I follow you everywhere, twitter etc. @sexysuga28, and my main question would be how is the trust in your fam life kept with the profession you have at hand, do you do anything that you think you may regret later in life? Thanks babe muahhh ;) ..............KiKi

Don't regret anything, because each experience teaches you something. And I've learned a lot. It's been a crazy path and an incredible journey, I pray that all is well that ends well. My family is like any other family we have our ups and down, it hasn't been easy, but we Feel me.
- Mr. Marcus
- Silvia wrote:
Hello Mr. Marcus!
My love life is a disaster, My boyfriend is a guy who's almost as horny as me, our sexual life is almost great, the problem is that I can't stop having sex. Indeen I'm under psychiatric treatment 'cause I've been diagnosed as hypersexual. I'm gettin' better but the big deal is that I'am always having sex with too many guys. I'm always lookin' for forgotten places in my school to "play" with them or I hide under the tables when no one sees and I make them oral sex oh god I love that.I'd like the entire school could fck me.I can't live like this. My boyfriend is always angry 'cause he knows some of the gossips about me, but he tells me he can't leave 'cause he loves me, but sometimes he cries and says "I'm tired of this, you play with me as If a were a sexual toy and besides that you are with other guys", I'd like to say something reasonable to him but there's no answer, the only thing that I can say is "I can't stop thinkin' about sex". Most of the time we spent together is in bed or anywhere we can fck, but sometimes I'd like to do somethin' else but my desire is stronger than me. I know I should wait some time 'cause the treatment is working well but my dear babe is tired right now!. I've been doing my best.Being under this kind of treatment is so difficult,I'm always tired, I just want to sleep, I can't get good grades, I'm losing weight and too much more.But anyway if I think about my past before the treatment I know that it was horrible I was always cryin' 'cause the lack of sex. What can I do to make our relationship get better and to make him understand what'shappening to me? Oh sorry if I made a language mistake, I'm from LatinAmerica.

DAM!!! This sounds serious. Psychiatric treatment is a serious form of medicine. And if you feel this is a disease then you are correct in seeing a professional someone who can help you deal with this. If you had ask me this question a year ago, it's likely I would've asked for your number and a few pictures. So I'm doing my best to steer you in a direction where you can get some help. This is probably going to be read by a lot of men, who can't see the problem here, some men still aren't used to a woman having a higher sex drive than them. But from being in the adult industry, I can tell you it's true, some women want sex just as much and at times even more than men. But this can get out of control and obviously you feel it has, that's the key here, YOU feel like it has power over you and not the other way around, so that's what is inspiring you to seek help. You want your life back and your trying anyway you can to achieve that.
I think about sex a lot too and even though I could possibly have sex daily, I don't, I practice restraint and find things to do, other than think of and have sex. It's not easy, I'm a dam porn star, I'm supposed to be this way, but I realize I rather have power over my sex drive than my sex drive have power over me. So I suggest you find a way to channel your energy into something positive, if it's attention you need, try writing, acting or take music lessons, even boxing lessons can take your mind in a different direction and occupy the gaps where sex would normally feel the space. You'll receive a different kind of recognition, something that impresses your boyfriend and gives you something to share and be proud of. Give it a try and let me know how you progress.
- Mr. Marcus
- Floyd wrote:
Mr. Marcus,
Everything is good here. Thanks for the response. Honestly, I think that is why I am a fan of both of you because I have a tendency to see REAL PEOPLE regardless of their profession. I know if I had an opportunity to hang out with you and even Wesley, I know it wouldn't be what everyone perceive. I recognize that your life is far greater than what is portrayed. That is why i asked the question about your life. Thank God you have family to keep you grounded though.
As for as the industry, I am really considering working behind the scenes. The questions are "Do I have to move from FLORIDA to California to be effective? How and where do i search for those jobs?"
Once again, I would like to thank you again for responding to me. You really didn't have to do that and I don't take that lightly. If you are ever in the Tampa Bay area, you are welcome to look me up and even possibly come and chill at my house (if you want to). I live outside of the city but it is a nice area for relaxation. If you decide not too, just know a brotha is admiring your job and person you become.
Oh well, take care and keep in touch...

You don't have to move to California from Florida, because the adult industry is alive and well in south Florida. A few internet companies have originated in Florida, so your already in the right place. To find work down there, just look up on the internet and see what companies are currently shooting and looking for new hires. I rarely see the same PA (production assistant) twice, so that is always a good way to start and work your way up from there.
- Mr. Marcus
I Wonder wrote:
As a fan of yours, I've watched a lot of your scenes. When you do scenes with other guys on girls you work well with them. But I notice you work exceptionally well with sean michaels, julian st jox, lex steele and mark anthony. It's like you guys are right hand mans and I think that's cool that you guys have a bond like that. I guess you're cool with everyone of course but you really bond with thse guys. BUT that's just what I see. As in TV sitcoms, movies and even in the music industry there are times people work together on-screen but don't get along off screen. They're just in it for the money, like jay-z and r.kelly (supposedly they don't get along but get together to do business and that's it). My question is does that pertain to you, like are those just your guys on-screen but not off or are you actually close with these guys? If so, what are they (sean, julian and mark) up to these days? Especially mark anthony, he's so hard to find...

Ok, I thought you were gonna make me feel uncomfortable for a minute there, then I realized what you were trying to get at. That's funny you mentioned TV sitcom, because that's kinda how it is we show up on set and everything kinda gels together. We are all friends on camera and off. I've known Mark Anthony since I started almost 17 years ago, same thing for Julian and Sean. They're my friends and reading your message has made me realize that, all over again. Thanks for that.
Mark travels a lot and I just saw him last week he came by my office and we talked about women and business. He works a lot with Evasive Angles, Julian is a top sales manager for a wholesaler in the valley and Sean Michaels shoots a movie a month for Evil Angel.
- Mr. Marcus
abdul wrote:
I wanted to say that first I'm a big fan of the work. My name chuck, and I have even picked up a few pointers from you over the years. My question is kinda personal though. Are you familiar with the those two brazilian women. I think their names are DARLENE OR DELANIE, AND THE OTHER IS MONICA SANTHIAGO. HAVE YOU EVER DID A SCENE WITH THEM, and my second question is: I really like both of them chicks, man. how would I get in contact with either of them. do you know? and find that out for me, and how much it would cost to be with two chicks like that. just be real with me, I got the money (even though I ain't no professional "trick" or anything like that. I appreciate anything you do, and my cousin said she saw you at the essence fest, too in new orleans. Anyway, I appreciate you for you time, and I will email you in the future to ask you questions as well.

To be honest, I only know Monica Santiago and it's been awhile since I've seen or heard from her, sorry to say I don't know how to reach her. I suggest you do what every other brotha does and fly down to Brazil, there are a few hundred Monica's down there and they love American brotha's. So if you do go, just wear a condom. Don't need you bringing something back to the states that can't be cured.
- Mr. Marcus
- Pedro wrote:
Hi I need to ask some questions because I have a girlfriend and I'm kinda nervous
The other day she asked me when we would have sex and the problem is I am a virgin and I have 20 years do not know about that and I saw you in a movie with Miss Taylor hahaha and as one of the few and best porn actors given the task of reading all that his fans write to him I thought I would ask you and not other good these are questions
sex hurts the first time?
and how do you feel that oral sex?
good thank you and have a great day
sorry for my spelling because I am from Chile and not much English

Hey Pedro
Sex for the first time for you won't hurt. You might cum to soon, but consider it normal, as having sex for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. Your body is going to have to adjust to the sensation. You might surprise yourself and her and be a real animal in the bedroom, which should make her very happy.
You asked about oral sex, me personally I'm a fan. I love getting head and like eating pussy. Depends on the girl. Just remember oral sex is best performed by someone who wants to do it in the first place and it's better if your in a relaxed state of mind, whether your giving or receiving. Either way ENJOY!
- Mr. Marcus
- Floyd wrote:
Hello Mr. Marcus,
I would like to say I am a fan of yours as well as my boy Wesley Pipes. Don't mean to sound GAY but you two are the only two I will watch in a scene because you both seems to really enjoy what you do and you bring something awesome to the table. Everybody can't do that. So, hats off to the both of you.
I have two questions for you about the industry.

1. How can a brotha get involved in the behind the scene portion of the porn industry. I am a Graphics Artist and I wouldn't mind designing some covers but not sure how to tap into that portion of the industry. Can you offer some advice?

2. I know you have to love your job. I will never doubt that. I even remember seeing you on a talk show saying you had a daughter and was even looking for love at the time. Do you ever get to the point that you are ever tired of being Mr. Marcus the object instead of Marcus the person? The reason for my question is that we as viewers tend to never let you be yourself outside of your job. It reminds of the life of Michael Jackson. We loved him as the entertainer but he just wanted to be a regular person at times. He loved his job but we as consumers can be assholes as it relates to personal lives of people. What is the truth of it all. I think we need to know that or maybe not.

Once again, hats off to you and I really hope I wasn't being offensive in anything I said or asked.
Hope to hear from you...

Whats good Floyd
I'll let Wesley know your a fan. He's 100% an original dude and he definitely has a lot of fans, even more than me. Thanks for watching the flicks, it's appreciated. Alright enough of that...
Everybody always ask how can they get into the business, rarely do I get the question of how to get in the business behind the scenes. Which I think is a better approach, because we need brotha's behind the camera, especially with the internet blowing up adult material, there's more work in web designing, content management, editing and developing apps for mobile application. In other words, the porn industry is bigger than just what goes on in front of the camera. Being skilled as a graphic artist is an asset in an industry like this, because the porn industry produces product and content at a faster rate than Hollywood. So submit your resume and a sample of your work and see where it takes you.
To answer your second question, about me being me, I've figured out a way to be myself and be Mr.Marcus at the same time. My family reminds me, daily, of who I am, so I'm never lost, I know what matters. Being Mr.Marcus is who I've been for the past 16 almost 17 years, I like what I do and learning how to continue being me, while working in the adult industry has been a challenge, but it's what makes my life interesting and I can appreciate that. I think I'm a regular person when it comes to sex, my thinking is everyone is horny and wants to fuck, just that I get paid to do it and it's my job. If I'm wrong, I wouldn't know it. (LOL)
Thanks for the questions, good luck in whatever you choose to do.
- Mr. Marcus
- Cameron wrote:
Hello Mr. Marcus,
I have a situation that I want to bring to your attention and I want your feedback and advice.
So, there's this girl that I like. She's not a typical girl I would go after but that's what makes her great. You could call her a real girl, the type I like if you understand what I mean. I think she wants me (physically and emotionally) but I'm not sure how to approach the situation. Here's some of the little things shes does: she says my name differently, only I know how to hug her a certain way that gets her smiling and literally begging for a hug the next time I see her, she indirectly admitted she would kiss me, she touches me in certain places I don't think a girl would touch if she was just trying to be friends (arms, chest, stomach) because I am not a small guy.
The same night she indirectly admitted that she would kiss me, something happened. So there was this guy at the party. He was definitely into her, I even find out later that he asked her to go to bed with him. This whole night, I noticed it seemed like she was going between us. Like, she would dance dirty with him and also with me, but she would ask me to always dance, which was the difference I think. I don't even know what you would call what we did that night, but she would come over and lean on me, so I took the initiative to start rubbing on her with my hands. Her legs and arms, high school stuff. And then, she would go to that dude and do something similar, just not as intense as it was for us. When the party winded down, I noticed that he left downstairs, which I'm assuming was right around the time he asked her to go to bed with him, but she didn't go. I ended up sitting on a love-seat with another girl, just a friend, about to fall asleep. The girl I'm digging-on asked the girl I was sitting by if she would trade her seats. The girl ended up saying no, but the girl I like came over and sat in the middle of us anyway. Long story short, the sleep we got that night was shared cuddling on that couch under a shared blanket (nothing sexual).
How do I approach this situation and from what I have told you, does she like me? Will I be able to date and eventually bed her, and how?
On a side note, I have asked her to come to the gym with me and so far, the answer I got made me question if she likes me, which is why I ask. It seems when I try to go on a "date" with her, it never works out. For example, last night was a Halloween party. She's of legal drinking age and I'm not, so she was bar-hopping with her girlfriends while I was trying to get her to come to the party I was at. Before that, she called me cause I texted her and she told me if I wanted to hang out, to text her. Well, I sent her a text, and no reply. About an hour or two later, I get a call from her telling me she's going to bed.
Any help here?

It sounds like she's put you in the "just friends" category, so you might be better off finding a girl who wants more than that. Some women like to have male friends around for just for friendship and advice, while deep down inside, she has someone else on her mind when it comes to a relationship and the sexual stuff, which means your cool to be around, but that's about it. So sometimes us men are just ass'd out. But all is not lost, if she means that much to you, then be patience. In real love situations, nothing is planned some of the best things...just happen.
- Mr. Marcus
- Adrian wrote:
Mr. Marcus
I was wondering if you had any tips on how to last longer while having sex, because in your videos yo go ham for a good 30 lol but any way thats my 1st question and my second question was do you know of any way to help make a male bigger

Going longer in the bedroom or wherever your getting it in, could be a challenge if you are over excited or not completely aroused. What happens during sex is your nerve endings are going haywire, the excitement and rigors of sex are taxing and your emotional state is heightened by desire to cum now and not later, all of that leading to premature ejaculation and the inability to perform any longer. Or you can channel that same energy and use it to your advantage. If your not completely aroused then you might have trouble controlling what your penis does, it may cum on its own, you don't have to be fully erect to ejaculate, especially prematurely. To coax a longer performance out during sex, try different breathing techniques, a technique I like to use is slow shallow breaths as I move my hips back and forth. Sometimes if the urge is strong I'll push completely in and hold that until the sensation subsides. And if all else fails, pull out and wait a second or two. She doesn't have to be aware of what your are doing, you can take a moment to change positions giving you the precious seconds you need to ease the urge to cum too soon and prolong your performance. And if she is aware of what's going on, then include her in the solution, ask her to try different things to help prolong the sexual experience, if she's into the sex, she'll do what is necessary to help make it last longer.
About making your member bigger, I don't know anything that might work besides a pump. Which I have available through it's called the Mr.Marcus Big Daddy Pump, from what I've heard it works well. A pump can extend your penis size a inch or 2, long enough to make a difference during intercourse.
- Mr. Marcus
- Jonathan wrote:
Mr. Marcus,
I'm a fan of your work. I'm interested in starting off my career in porn but I have no clue where to start. I'm a good looking, slim built, black guy with about 8 inches. I live in New York City and there are a few agencies that say they can help but I don't know which ones are reputable. Of course I live in a big scam artist town. Could you possibly help me in suggesting a few good ones for me to speak with. I'm currently looking at "". Also, do you think it's possible to do porn without showing your face? Have you ever heard of them and are they reputable?

Most of the reputable agencies I know of are located here on the West Coast. I tell most people I meet if you want to get into the porn industry you have to be where it's produced. Currently that is Arizona, Miami and Los Angeles with a few other states like Atlanta, Houston, Chicago and New York producing smaller productions.
- Mr. Marcus
- Hunnie wrote:
Hola, My name is Hunnie, I have been a big fan of yours for a min now, my attention was brought to you by another porn star that I am friends with,she insisted that I watch a clip of you being that I hate porn star movies, Im more into amateur porn because it more real. she said you were good at what you do. So, I had to see for myself and indeed she was right. My favorite scene of you is with (You and Kaylani Lei) that was sexy and passionate, you seem really into her, maybe a little too much because you look like you could barely composed yourself from nutting to early lol (pun intended) lol but I loved it... Anyways since everyone is asking questions I think I might as well too.. I love sex, the intimacy, the passion, ughhh I love when my man moans of pleasure MMMmm. Buttttt I have an issue, my boyfriend who is great and all but sexually I just cant cum and I cannot figure out why.. when we broke up and I started dating another guy and sex with that guy was amazing I was cumming harder than ever but when I got back with my ex, once again when we started having sex I could NOT cum lol I dont understand.. I mean it feels good but reaching an orgasm is like me trying to play football it just dont work.. Usually I dont mind a guy fingering me but I hate dirty and long nails and he hates toys, he can nutt with no problem, its just me I havent told him this but I feel like im out of options ..Could you tell me what you think I should do?

It's a tough situation to be in, your with someone you care about, sex is necessary, but it's not very satisfying for you. I suggested previously to other women with the same problem, that they take matters into their own hand, literally. Try arousing yourself before any sexual intercourse with your boyfriend. He can either be in on the process or it can be something you do privately, so that by the time your ready to engage in intercourse your excited, mind is ready and your body is primed for orgasm. If he's looking to satisfy you, he should consider it foreplay that he can participate in, so if he is involved, tell him what you need to get you close to cumming and let the sexual intercourse do the rest.
- Mr.Marcus
- E B wrote:
Hi Mr Marcus,
Do you know who this girl is or what the name of the video you did her in? Some of us on the freeones website is trying to find out her name, but had no luck. Hoping you could shed some light.
We've already been though the IAFD website too =(
Here's a link to her pictures.
And here's a link to the short clip on youporn.
Thanks mate,

Great clip, I wish I could remember who she is, I can't even remember how long ago it was. I need to see more of the scene, maybe the beginning or the end, the middle is always the same...the fuckin' is what it is. But whoever she is....she has definitely made an impression. I gotta do a little research, I'll post the pics on my website and see if someone else might
- Mr.Marcus


- E B wrote:
We just found out thanks to some guy who has great knowledge of pornstars lol. It's Paula Summer from Young Mexican Debutantes 1. Thanks for your help too.

Your sure?
- Mr.Marcus
- Siante wrote:
I don't know if this is true but I'm hella curious about it. Does a prostate "massage" really give an intense orgasm? I as this because as a man, I know a nut can't pass the time and give you the good rest (HAHA), but from what I'm hearing, it's something to knock you the fuck out.
Since you're sexual expert with much insight (hell you got your ass licked, toes sucked, and fucked around the world), please advise where possible.

From what I've read on the internet, yeah I had to do a little research on this one, I read it's supposed to give a sense of orgasm. I have never had prostate massage, I've had girls lick below my ball sac, but that's about it. That felt good, but it wasn't necessary for me to have an intense orgasm, I have that naturally. I might have to try it and get back to you on if it worked or not. Cool.
- Mr.Marcus
- Alexis wrote:
Is There a way you can tell if someone is feeling you or even want to fuck but they try not to show it??

If the person in question has an erection, that's a strong indication they want to fuck.
- Mr.Marcus
- Christian wrote:
Hey Mr. Marcus. My name is Christian, I'm using my friends e-mail to ask you this. Is it normal that I have the urge to watch porn and masturbate a lot. Lately I have been watching so much porn and have been masturbating for long periods of time and I wonder if that was normal.? My sex drive is so high but I maintain myself to keep my virginity. Does masturbation cause shrinkage to your penis? Please and Thank You.!

Masturbation is safe and sound, but like everything else we like doing...moderation is key. Anything done excessively can become a problem, better to be out in the sunshine and hanging with friends, then to be cooped up watching porn all the time, hear me. If your truly a virgin...then good luck, you'll need it in this highly sexed world. And naw...masturbation doesn't cause the penis to shrink. At least I hope not...
- Mr.Marcus
- pathelia wrote:
Hey how you doin hun? Ok I have this friend that I've been wanting for a min now. All I wanna do is try it out. We've come close to having sex a couple of times but he always stops. He likes to play with it a lot but I can only do so much foreplay. I could get butt ass naked in front of him and he still wont fuck. My question is jus why? I'm not unattractive at all, I have a nice body and my sex game is something serious. He's the only guy that has turned me down. Is it me? Like am I being to forward or is he jus on some more shit?

You know how at time you don't wanna have sex, especially when the opportunity has presented itself? Men feel that exact same way at sometimes. You might be doing too much, maybe he's not interested in a sexual relationship. Foreplay with you could be his was of saving the sex for someone else. But if all that is true, can you accept that maybe he's not into having sex with you? Your ego might take a hit, but fuck it, get the foreplay on with him and get your sexual frustrations out with someone else.
The minute you don't show him any sexual interest...might be the moment when he wants to go all the way. Then you'll have a real dilemma on your hands.
- Mr.Marcus
- I Wonder wrote:
You seem to always draw a crowd and know where to find the right ladies at certain spots. At least that's what I'm getting at from your pictures and videos. It's like the women you're with aren't afraid to show their sexual side and know how to have fun. I don't know if its because they hear you're in town and your name draws a particular fan base of women or what but maybe you can help me because I need to meet new (and mature) women. How can I find any of the type of women you meet in my state (NY)? They don't have to be all girls gone wild but that's a bonus to me (haha). 18 and older please.
PS - when will you be stopping in NY in the near future?

What up I Wonder,
I like to party, to be honest it's in my blood and I think it has to do with the environment, I'm comfortable in it. Clubs are the perfect place to socialize, drink and dance, it draws a specific person looking for a release or a good time and so the pictures reflect that. You can meet attractive women in a club, but to know what they're really about you'll have to spend time with them outside of the club atmosphere, so it can start in the club, but to be interesting and interested you'll have to take them beyond the club to see how compatible they are with you. Far as meeting new and mature women, I think just getting out and meeting new people period, can bring new people into your life. And some of those people can be the women your looking for.
P.S. I'll be in New York later this year...definitely.
- Mr.Marcus
- Nini wrote:
Hi first got to say I love your work you r omg sexxii but ok I'm 22 and I really enjoy sex now I have a boyfriend and we do have sex and honestly we have it alot because I want it so much but the problem is I don't ever really cum with my boyfriend I never got to da point and it's not because he stop I don't know why but I cum when I play with myself just not with him... Is there something I can do while with him to change that. Thank you

A technique you can do, you can call it cheating, I call it getting what you want...try playing with yourself beforehand, before the intercourse so that your primed and aroused by the time you and him have sex. So that you've basically shorten the time you need to cum.
- Mr.Marcus
- Jenn wrote:
My name is Jenn and I had to use my friend's email so I can ask your opinion on a few things I've always wondered about in the porn industry. Recently, I've realized that there was beef in the porn industry which I couldn't believe because I figured every man is getting what he wants at the end (pussy and money). I see you stay out of trouble, which is good, but I know you must have opinions on these conflicts between male porn stars such as nat turnher and brian pumper. the reason I also want your opinion on the issues because a lot of rumors about pumper's sexuality is in question for the things he do or have done in the past, such as get his salad tossed(getting your butt licked). However, I've known you do engage in the same acts a few times. I don't judge or look at you different. In fact, I actually feel as you're the ambassador of porn because you show men that you can engage in "abnormal" acts and still feel or be comfortable with yourself and your sexuality. I admire you for that very much sir. So my questions are what's your opinion about the beef in the porn industry and your opinion on interacting in "abnormal" sexual behavior such as salad tossing and how do you deal with the talk? I am a fan who deeply admires your work and wish you the best and hope you never stop being daddy (lol).

"Abnormal" sex. I like how you put it in quotations. So how do I answer your question without dismissing how you feel...? I don't think there is no real beef, I think hating on Pumper is the thing to do, because believe it or not, he actually likes all the hate, far as he's concern...your "thinking" about him and that's all he ever wanted. So even if Nat gives him shit, it don't mean anything, because there is no real hate in a business where everybody is getting paid for sex. We all hoe's.
Far as having sex or 'abnormal sex' it's to each his/her own. If you like getting your asshole licked then so be it, if you like your toes sucked then so be it, if you like running to 7-11 with tight jeans and cum still in your hair, so be it. I don't have an opinion when it comes to other people's sexual preference. If you have been watching me over the years (like I know you have been) then you know what I like and don't like and I consider myself somewhat normal.
- Mr.Marcus
- CHIMA wrote:
I think you are my best actor any day any time. You make my days romantic and I love you. Please advise me I do love making love always but one I hardly see a partner and secondly I donít last long if I see one.

It's all in your head, I have the same problem, I just think crazy shit when I'm fucking and mentally try to keep myself aroused and into what I am doing. If you think your gonna cum to soon, pull out and play it off.
- Mr.Marcus
- Jade wrote:
Hey Marcus,
First off, I love your work, although to look at me,you wouldn't think I would even know who you are. My problem is, I am 21 years old and I am still a virgin. Honestly, I've never even kissed a guy. I'm nowhere near ugly. I have that cute,sweet,innocent look about me. Actually, I dont think i was pretty until my senior year of high school. In college I had play brothers who wouldn't let any men near me. Now on the rare occassions when I meet a guy whose confident enough to approach me, everything will go great. Until the conversation turns to sex. Once they find out Im a virgin,it's like they become more interested in my virginity than me. Im no prude, I actually think I may have too high of a sex drive, however Im picky about who I share my body and soul with. What do you think I should do?

I think you should stop being a prude...just kiddin'...what's the hold up? Why you holding on to it so tightly? (pun intended) You say your not a prude, but you say your picky. You may be holding out for all the wrong reasons, I'm sure there is somebody you wanna do it with...approach him and let him know your ready. Throw on some R-Kelly and use a lot of K-Y Jelly and ask your preferred other to take his time. Interesting how a virgin can have a high sex drive that's like being a vegetarian and working at El Pollo Loco. Good luck and let me know how it goes...
- Mr. Marcus
- Jimmy wrote:
Hi mr. marcus my name is jimmy from brazil i love it your job and you too please answer me if was true that you made movie porno gay?
thank you
god bless you

I have never made a movie porno gay or gay porno movie. I like WOMEN! Remember that for next time.
- Mr. Marcus
- Tyler wrote:
ok i sent another message and sry bout the email adress its just it only one i mainly use so i had 2 questions and they were one how do i just get a girl cause since girls say i'm cute but thats it mostly i am pretty sure i could "follow up" but how do i cause since i know what i like and what i want i mainly like big bubbles and i already read your book second question was is it a bad thing when your "thing" is curved down hard or not?

Honestly girls ain't that much different from you, treat women how you wanna be treated. And you'll find they'll always be into you. And if you like girls with big butts, I've learned not to compliment a girl with one, right away, make sure she's cool first and then compliment her on her big bubbles (butt) cause she might actually find it cute that you admitted it. So in other words don't try to hard, just be yourself and let mother nature lead the way. If your 'thing' is curved then have the girl (once you get a girl) try different positions with you until she finds one she likes.
- Mr. Marcus
- Ms. Coston wrote:
Hello, Mr. Marcus. Today was the first time that I ever been to your website, but I was curious and just had to go (and you know curiousity normally get the best of people). Anyway, I have been dating a man for a year now. I care about him a lot but I want our sex life to be more frequent, more intense and more freaky. I am a professional woman so I try not to let people get the wrong idea about me, but as far as my personal business and with my man I should be able to go all out right????? Sometimes I feel as if I have to cover up my freaky side (not just with my current man, but with men from my past also) because I don't want to scare any one away. I am twenty-three years old, I enjoy sex, and I enjoy porn and trying new things. I don't have my body for nothing... lol. But it's hard to express what I really want a man to do for me. What do you suggest Mr. Marcus? I am dying to know. I seen you on film so I know that you know

If you continue to cover up how you feel sexually, you will be doing that for the rest of your life. And then your partners will not be getting you at your full potential. Maybe it's because I'm in porn, I don't see to many women holding back, so I think you should let yourself feel like a pornstar in the bedroom and make sure your man acts like he's one too. If you want frequent, intense and more freaky, then you got to set the mode, make shit happen. Take charge. And who cares if you scare them away, you don't want a scared man in the bedroom, anywayz!
- Mr. Marcus
- Lucretia wrote:
My life had been good so far and i was reflecting of some of the things that happened. So I decided to write a book base on my life story, its something that would blow your mind that a lady like myself that I been through and such. Any pointers or advice to offer?

I haven't written my life story...yet. But when I do, it has to be brutally honest, include the challenges I faced and how I overcame them (cause we all go through it) and share some life changing lesson I've learned about my life that someone could use in theirs. People will relate to your truth, better than you think. Besides truth is more interesting than fiction, but not science fiction.
- Mr. Marcus
- rachael wrote:
question for the big guy.........april flowers......seriously hot connections between you and her...........what ever happened to her she left the industry and was it purely for the camera' were her first and those scenes were amazing.....

Me and April (April and I...for those english majors who read this) had real chemistry on and off camera. I saw her about a year ago and it was still there...that 'hot connection'. She came back recently to only do girl-girl, I tried to get her to do a boy-girl, but it wasn't happening.
- Mr. Marcus
- I Wonder wrote:
Me and a couple of friends were talking about penis sizes and one of my friends claims that a male's dick can grow if he had sex a lot. She then noted that yours grew from the time you entered the porn scene until now. When I ask what your size was then and now she didn't know by measurements but said you can tell by looking. Another friend said that's false because sometimes a dick can look bigger than it usually is on camera. So I ask you, the sex expert (lol), is this theory true? And what's your dick size (then and now, length and width/girth)?

Naw, not true, my dick is the same size it's always been. I wish it grew. :) The camera angles can make it look big or small, depends on how they film it and the positions were in. Personally I'm pretty happy with my size, which is 9 inches long and about 2 inches thick. And yes I am the Sex Expert. (ha)
- Mr. Marcus
- Gerald wrote:
Hi, This may not be the appropriate place to ask, but I've been wondering for a couple years which movie this scene is from. I really want to buy the movie.

Wow, forgot about's a photo layout we did a long time ago for either Hustler or Private Magazine, not sure which one. The great Clive McLean was the photographer. If anyone knows were I can find the complete set of pictures...let me know appreciated.
View Picture
- Mr. Marcus
- Natasha wrote:
hey MR. marcus.... My name is natasha. My question is strange i guess.... i juss lost a lot of confidence in myself... i look at you with priya rai, cuz we are both indian, and wonder if i was her, would u do me the same. I had some mean things told to me, and i just want to feel beautiful again.... if i send u my pic... can u give ur honest opinion, pls... ? i am asking u cuz u are a big fan, and not just an adult star, but you speak well and i feel safe asking u. pls let me know.

Go ahead and send the pic. Priya is extremely beautiful, and crazy. It's a specific porn star quality, so it may not be the best guide to judge yourself by. Smile, God loves you, definitely.
Watch The Trailer with Priya
- Mr. Marcus
- Tauris wrote:
sup marcus,
i seem to have trouble staying hard when im about to fuck and it seem like when im not about to fuck i have no problem staying hard. can u give me sum tips or suggestions to stay hard when im about to fuck so i can fuck the hell out of females like you do haha

Sounds like you have other things on your mind when your fuckin'. Whenever I'm not doing so well in the bedroom its usually because I'm not focusing on the task at hand. I suggest you stay focused on the one your with, even create fantasies you haven't done with her yet and imagine what it would be like if you were to do what you've been thinking of. Last but not least, leave unnecessary thoughts out of the bedroom, only think nasty kinky shit when your fuckin... she'll thank you later.
- Mr. Marcus
- Cherri wrote:
My boyfriend of two months but a friend for nearly a decade is pressuring into sex. The way he make it seems that he's entitle to some ass but i not comfortable with that. I refuse to stay a night with him cause he would try to get into my panties but get mad when i leave. I care for him but im hurting my feeling trying to protect his. What should i do?

Dam, sorry to hear that. Ain't no fun, being pressured into doing some shit you don't want to do. Sounds like you started dating a friend who wants those benefits. Stand your ground, if you aint feeling him in a sexual way. If he's your boyfriend and you expect to eventually give into having those sexual urges fulfilled then... communicate that to him. Remind him and anyone in ear shot, that good things DO come to those who wait.
- Mr. Marcus
- Nalani wrote:
Have to admit, I hadn't heard of you until I saw you on the men's panel @ Essence Music Festival. I felt left out because so many women were familiar with you, but I think that was good because it allowed me to listen to what you had to say more intensely. Wow! I was truly impressed by your answers and your honesty. Most of all, I was impressed and brought to tears by your journal entry about walking the streets in New Orleans and honoring those who lost their lives. I was born and raised there, but live on the West Coast. Your eloquent words were a tribute the the spirit of the people of the N.O. Now, I can truly say that I am a Mr. Marcus fan eventhough I have never seen any of your movies. Hope your book tour comes to northern Cal. If not, I am still buying your book. Much continued success to you in the future. Nalani

Thank you, Nalani. I'm trying to go beyond porn and writing is creating opportunities to do that. It gives me a chance to express myself and I hope I'm getting better at it. I appreciate your support and I hope you get a copy of the book, soon.
P.S. I will always love the spirit of New Orleans, it is a great city.
- Mr. Marcus
- Alexis wrote:
Hey Mr. Marcus i love you and your films. But my question is how do i make a guy wanna f**k me.Like what are some things i could say that are not to direct?? p.s nice sized d**k Mr. Marcus

What a crazy question, cause I'm sure there are plenty of guys who would probably want to fuck you. I guess the question is how selective are you?
- Mr. Marcus
- Denasia wrote:
How you doing, Mr. Marcus? I need your help with this huge dilemma. I been with my guy for 3 years and more recently, I haven't been able to have an orgasm from pure penetration. Now, before now, we were separated for some time and I slept with a guy that had a larger penis and more stamina. We're back together now and this problem shows up. We go through the steamy four-play and he heats me up with some head, but when he goes inside, I feel nothing, what's going on? Is it because of the other guy?

You could imagine the other guy's penis, instead of the one your not "feeling". As your current man's penis is inside you, picture the penis you like and imagine that it's the other man having sex with you, the other guy doesn't have to know your thinking of someone else to orgasm. And if he turns you on, by giving you head, consider that a good place to start the fantasizing.

- Mr. Marcus
- Bryan wrote:
Sup Marcus,
Just to get it out there, I personally do not think im big down there. At most I would say average, with some change. If you round it up you can say 7 inches at the minimum. The last 2 girls ive dated commented on my penis size about how "big" it is. One night one of the girls went as far saying "I don't know how you are gonna get that inside of me". And the other also went as far saying "you're so big" while we're doing it, and "Why didn't you tell me you were that big!?" To be honest, at this moment I'm still not convinced at those comments. I'm somewhat an ounce insecure about my equipment. I really dont know if they think Im decently big or just mocking me. Are these girls just saying that just to make me feel good and be nice?

What a good problem to have. If I was you, I'd enjoy it while they're saying it. Lose that insecurity you have and become confident in what your doing, a woman being impressed by your size is a great way to start things off in the bedroom. Most women prefer a thicker penis so if that's the case, then that could be where the compliment is coming from and if it fills her up inside then maybe it does feel "big" to her and that's all that matters.
- Mr. Marcus
- Tamica wrote:
Hi! I am a married mother of four who still has a banging body and a huge sexual appetite! Problem is, my husband is the he always cums after a minute or so. I never have an orgasm, to be honest I can't remember the last time I did. I love my husband but I an not being satisfied! What can I do to make him go longer? Also, he's not very sizable.

You should read some of my other responses to this problem. I suggest letting him pull out if necessary. Let him know, if he feels he's going to cum to soon, to just stop and wait till the urge subsides. Most women, prefer the man to keep going because it feels good to the woman, but if it means that he cums too soon and the sex is over, then allow him to stop the intercourse altogether till he gets some control over the sensation and once that feeling has gone down a little, proceed to continue to have sex. Don't let it frustrate you, because then it'll frustrate him. If you love him like you say you do, then you should give him the benefit of the doubt and try this method.
- Mr. Marcus
- Calvin wrote:
How are you doing man. My name is Calvin. I admire your videos man and I learn alot from you. I try alot of the things you do on your movies and my fiance wonders where I get this stuff from! lol. Either way, my question to you is that my fiance feels that we dont have sex enough, and I feel the opposite. I work and build by business and sometimes i am not at home. I dont want to be replaced if you know what i mean (i.e toys, another guy). She feels that we should have sex 4 out of 7 days and honostly bro, I just feel like cuming from masturbation instead of intercourse. Would should I do?

It's a common problem. Maybe what she really needs is undivided attention. With sex she has all your attention, so you have to find what would be considered a equivalent to her. I know sex is something we all wanna do, but when it's not possible, good ol'fashion flirting seems to work. Foreplay, mutual masturbation or anything that involves her and you only. And when your in the mood again, go hard. We men have to always make our women feel special, that will NEVER change and to be honest we don't want it to. Feel me.
- Mr. Marcus
- i wonder wrote:
Thanks on the advice to my previous question. No I wasn't hinting it was gay, in fact I agree being comfortable is key and back then many people were comfortable so it's good to see some people are still willing to take risk to improve their sex lives. Staying on the subject of back then, in my opinion, porn has changed a lot. I watch a lot of 90's porn and back then it see like you guys (porn stars) were telling a story in each scene. The level of intimacy, the creativity of positions and the atmosphere was perfect. For instance, the missionary position in the 90's films were intense. The men (especially you) would go so deep in the pussy and it didn't seem like there were any acting. It was like you guys were playing out all the viewers' sex lives and fantasies in your scenes. Nowadays, it seems like it's just "hit and run". No intimacy in the positions, no diggin' her out...just seems like everyone is trying to see who sex positions looks more "showy" like who can hold their leg up longer while doing doggystyle or how long can you hold that stance on the edge of the couch while she rides you. Do you agree that porn has changed in the decades according to what I've just explained? If so, Is this something the directors have changed throughout the years or these are changed you porn stars have personally made?
P.S = Can't wait for my book to get here in the mail. I'm positive you will win best-selling book of the year.

Shit has changed. With the internet, it's become a matter of "time", and the people behind porn have figured out that people on the net, want quick set ups and even quicker sex. If your looking for story driven porn it's still being made through companies like Digital Playground, Vivid Video, Wicked Pictures and a growing number of companies that still feel there's more it than "wham bam thank you mam". You just have to be sophisticated enough to know where to look for it.
- Mr. Marcus
- Terry wrote:
I have a problem. I have been offered a number of times to have sex with this girl I like. But lately im self-conscious about my size. I mean when I look at it I cant imagine a girl liking it. I am close to 6 inches. But I donít know if my penis will satisfy her. What should I do

Give it a shot. If she really likes you, she'll work with it. Let the size queen find someone who got what she need. Besides, getting hung up on that, means you'll never meet the girl with the 4 inch cervix. Feel me.
- Mr. Marcus
- coach_kane1 wrote:
Say brah I was wondering if you could give me a few of your workout tips & maybe eating habbits...
And is there ANY way to make your dick bigger?
Thanx bro!!

Read my book, The Porn Star Guide to Great Sex it's all in there. Appreciated.
- Mr. Marcus
-Chauncey wrote:
Hey Mr. Marcus,
My name is Tony and I'm 26 years old, I've been skinny all of my life, I'm 6'5 and weight 155lbs. Is there any supplements you take or anything in particular you do to keep the mass you have i.e. exercises or food. One other thing is I don't eat meat at all, any suggestions?

Try building up on starches like potatoes and rice. They add bulk to the body. Sometimes it's your DNA that dictate how your body develops, if eating doesn't work, try working out and add muscle through weight lifting.
- Mr. Marcus
-JaMar wrote:
Hey Mr. Marcus,
I want to know which one is better for the penis boxers or briefs and is it true that the more healthier you are the more blessed you are? I have been lifting weights for about a month or two and I see no results in my penis size and how do I keep my dick from going hard all the time? What would you advice me to do and how did you get your penis to become so big?

Never heard that saying "the more healthier you are the more blessed you are"...but I would agree being healthy has it's benefits. Go buy my book The Porn Star Guide to Great Sex, thank you.
- Mr. Marcus
-meraria wrote:
How can I get a free copy of ur book?? Do I need 2 become a member??? Plz let me know

We will randomly select new members from their emails and notify you of being the CHOSEN one.
- Mr. Marcus
-Mike wrote:
can u introduce me to Cherokee please........ever thought about having ur own record label....... then letting us be ur first group that u sign

Cherokee travels to a different city nearly every week, if your lucky she'll be coming to a town near you. I don't want my own label, but I would like to make music at least one song that kills it.
- Mr. Marcus
-janseg05 wrote:
Hey Mr. Marcus
What is your diet and workout regimen?

Right now it sucks. I'm eating too much crap, but when I'm on it, I eat chicken like crazy. And when I get committed to the gym I've been known to go 5 days a week for a hour and half for a few months straight.
- Mr. Marcus
-Jana wrote:
Did you ever consider (or care about) your audience when you performed in solos. I've got a lot of gay and female friends who watch solos and get into that. But you're a straight actor, so does it matter to you if you have a gay following? Have you even done solo scenes before? I didn't see any posted on the site.

I did 2 solos, long time ago, when I first got into the business. And nope doesn't matter to me who or what or why my fans are my fans, I appreciate everybody. 4sho. I didn't post any solos, cause I don't have any solos. Actually forgot I did them until I read your email...thanks now I'm thinking dam, what was I thinking?! Lol.
- Mr. Marcus
-Nikki wrote:
My name is Nikki, and I am 26 years old. I am a fan of your work! I have so many questions I want to ask you, but I'll wait until your book comes out to get the answers. My major dilemma is that I have NEVER had an orgasm with a man. I am a very sexual person. I masterbate almost everyday and I can always make myself cum. It takes about 3 minutes by hand, and 60 seconds when I'm using a vibrator. But I can't orgasm with a man! My beau 9", great stamina. But I can't cum with him or anybody else. I don't understand. I keep trying, but it's just so frustrating. Sex is fun, but lately I've been feeling like maybe I'm better off just going it solo. I am a sensual person. I love to touch and to kiss and give oral sex. It turns me on. But I can never get that. Even when I ask. Is this a deal breaker in a relationship? Am I a lesbian that I can't get off by having sex with men? I don't understand what's wrong with me, Mr. Marcus. Help!

What up Nikki, sorry for the delay. I don't think your lesbian, but I'm sure some girls out there would like to prove me wrong. Sex can be taxing on the body, it's better to keep the sex you want closer to the sex you keep on your mind. If your mind is into it, your body will follow. And so should a orgasm. Touching and kissing is a major part of foreplay, it's good to make it last as long as you cleverly can. Feel me. But I know us men, have a problem of sustaining it beyond that initial fuck, so I suggest flirting from a distance and see if he gets the hint, that you want....his attention. Let me know how it turns out.
- Mr. Marcus
-Sykoria wrote:
Hey Mr. Marcus!!!
First of all I'm a huge fan of you and your work.... I saw the movie Gangsta Rap and I was wondering were you one of the security guards??

Yep, glad you caught that. Hope you liked the movie.
- Mr. Marcus
-CoachK wrote:
Mr. Marcus, do I keep my hard bro...I have this new chick I'm diggin but when we have sex I can't keep my hard on...I think it's because she's too open...idk...I do I still keep my hard if she's too wide?

I have that problem to sometimes, usually when I have other things on my mind. If your comfortable enough with this new chick, try being super pervert with her. If she responds in a good way, then your non-erection will be no big deal for her and you can become aroused at your leisure. Now if she's too open (ie; big pussy) try laying her on her side (spoon position) and enter her from behind. That should tighten things up for you and make her very happy.
- Mr. Marcus
-I Wonder wrote:
Mr. Marcus,
Recently, I met a woman who have a very open sexual side. She told me she would like to get DP'd by me and another man of my choice. Of course I thought about a close homie of mines who is like a brother and I shot the idea to him and he said it was cool. But neither of us don't perform anal on a woman and I'm skeptical about both of us in her pussy. I remember you doing a scene with sean michaels DP'ing liza harper and you both penetrated her pussy and anal at once. How did you become comfortable doing that or was it just for the camera and you still feel weird about doing so? Please explain because your advice and words would be very helpful.

Ya know I'll be honest in hindsight I thought it was a good idea at the time, some extreme sexual shit, but thinking about it now, it aint nothing special about double penetration. It basically becomes a circus act that if your getting paid is ok, but just to do it as some random shit, I wouldn't. Far as me being comfortable, I just am...when performing, cause I like what I do. If your hinting to the fact that it might be gay, that's your opinion. I'm not, and didn't feel like it was when I did it, but now many years later, I prefer just simple sex scenes with one person. Double penetration stuff ain't for everybody, but if you and your friend and the girl are comfortable enough in doing it...then have fun.
- Mr. Marcus
-Irene wrote:
Mr. Marcus,
How Would Be Good To Have your first time with that person you'll like or the person you'll love and care for? And Does It Feel Good When You have your first time?

If you truly care for someone, then sex with them will always mean more to you and possibly them. And for a woman, I've heard sex for the first time ranges between hurting and feeling good. I couldn't answer that question, someone else can probably answer your question.
- Mr. Marcus
-Bessie wrote:
Mr. Marcus,
To answer the question that i ask before i think i do need a big dick. I bet you could give me one(my frist orgazam) I am not to big but i am thick in all the right places 5'7 and 134lb chocolate just to give you a vision. if you want holla at me

Thanks baby, but I already have a full schedule. But I will think about you...
- Mr. Marcus
-Bessie wrote:
Mr. Marcus,
well hello Mr Marcus my name is Bessie and i am 28 my problem is i have never†had a orgazam†during sex or playing with myself. It like i get to that point and stop. I dont know what it is. The dudes that i have been with never made me cum they always say that my g-spot is too deep and they cant go that far or my pussy always get to wett for them. If you ask me i never heard of a pussy being to wett is that possible. Is there any steps that i can do. or do you know what i need

Maybe you are to wound up or you need a really big dick to make you take notice. Which is it? You probably are a size beyond others and you need a cat to get you there. That's not unusual, you just have to hope that cat comes around. And if he doesn't use a toy that does. ?
- Mr. Marcus
-wtfreak87 wrote:
Mr. Marcus,
Salute Mr. Marcus. Hey man, I see you have a big build. But I've been working out and getting bigger and I've been self-concious about my looks. Right now, I'm 6', 206lbs, and a 37" waist. My question is are women attracted to big guys such as myself?

I think women are attracted to confidence. So if that's what your feeling then women should follow. Just be careful there is a fine line between being confident and being an idiot.††
- Mr. Marcus
-PEACHES69 wrote:
Mr. Marcus,

Being comfortable and lots of lubricant are the key to having anal sex. As if you didn't know that already. Spoon position is probably the best position for you anally, because you can lay on your side and not be in a difficult position for intercourse. Use lube and make sure you've used a enema to cleanse out any shit you don't wanna nobody to see. Ok. Hope this helps.††
- Mr. Marcus
-hissanm wrote:
Mr. Marcus,
Are you and Aurora Jolie a couple?

Nope, she is a crazy good friend.††
- Mr. Marcus
-angie wrote:
Mr. Marcus,
I'm in my 30s and I love receiving oral sex but I never return the favor. I just cannot seem to get into it and I never have. Is there something else I can do that's just as good, to please my man?

Find a way to look at it from his perspective. When I go down on a woman, it's because I want to turn her on and hopefully inspire her to do the same for me. It should be a mutual act, but if your not into it, then you should'nt do it at all. But you should find a friend who is and let her hook your man up. ( just kiddin') I'm from the school where either your into it or your not. I prefer that you are, I'm sure your man feels the same way. So if you wanna give him something that's at least equivalent then try giving him a hand job. Use lube, spit or saliva and create a blowjob sensation with your hands, keep you face and mouth close, to give him the impression that what your doing is giving him a blowjob, while using your hands.?
- Mr. Marcus
-booboox5 wrote:
Mr. Marcus,
Yo marc sum times when I'm exciting fuckin wit a bad chick I be bustin wild fast. Like I could feel it when I'm eatin the pussy and when I go in its like e min @ best b that's with girls I'm really attracted to though. After the 1st nut I start going longer. But my dick don't be as hard as it was when I 1st started nah mean. I can I go hard the 1st time out the gate I try doin cialases it kept me hard but gave me a head ache. I'm 26 yrs old hansome and I workout I shouldn't have to do that shit. So any advise my dude skolla back @ me.

Something I like to do is get a grip on the situation...know going into it, that if I bust to soon, it's because I really wanna fuck this chick. So take it as a compliment that your really into this girl and for her to do what she did, is only because you got more to give. Most girls will be into the fact that she turned you on like that and most will want to do whatever it will takes to get you hard and going again. Trust, they wanna fuck as much as you. If your with the right one, she'll take the time you need to get aroused again. Sexual performance, I believe, starts with where your mind is at. Think about what you wanna do....and do it.?
- Mr. Marcus
- Alex wrote:
Mr. Marcus,
I have been single for exactly 4 months (girlfriend moved outta state this past January). I haven't been intimate with another woman in this time frame. I'm not depressed about my situation just feeling a little lonely. Do you have any advice as far as "getting back into the game"?

I suggest getting out and doing something you love doing, find a activity that makes you happy and if you meet a woman whose into it too, then that's a good place to start. Having something to talk about is always gonna get the girl interested try and find a girl whose a good listener. That way when you need to get things off your chest, she doesn't run away, she actually comes closer.
- Mr. Marcus
- mizz wrote:
Ok I have two questions =) The first being, how common are STDs in the the porn industry and question two?Are you in a relationship ? ,if so how do manage both lifestyles?

First, yes there are STD's in the business. So watch out, don't catch anything. But there are also remedies for certain ones, so life is not over. But seriously, STD's are more common in people who are new to the industry, because they never test for STD's in the real world and it's mandatory within the adult industry so when they finally do test, chances are they've been going around with an STD and never knew they had it. So get and stayed tested.
Second, yes I'm in a relationship...a long time going relationship and it's not easy, always work to do, but for the right person, your willing to do the work. No doubt.?
- Mr. Marcus
- indy wrote:
Hi how are you? I'm India and I was wondering how to get into the adult entertainment business and I would love it if you got back with me. Thanks and have a blessed day

Contact an agency, try World Modeling
- Mr. Marcus
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